It’s a common assumption that supplying workers with a cheaper option like a fall protection harness is enough protection to keep them safe and productive and remain compliant with OHSA standards.

According to OSHA’s standard for fall protection called the 'hierarchy of controls', it states that number one is to eliminate a fall hazard by not being at heights. Where this is not possible, their top recommendation is to have Guardrails installed at all heights. Going down the list is personal fall protection or a fall arrest system.

Guardrails beat a harness safety system.

Here’s Why:

  1. Worker’s Ability: Safety harnesses and active fall protection systems require specialized training for use, and there’s still potential for incident or injury if the equipment is not used properly. Ensuring a harness is donned and worn correctly and all the harness points fitted and locked in are reliant on the workers’ training and focus.
  2. Efficient Mobility: Guardrails mean your workers can do tasks without lifelines attached, which can get tangled or reduce their ability to reach all points on the roof.
  3. Universal Protection: Harness-based systems reduce the number of workers on a rooftop, while Guardrails mean that as many workers on the roof are all protected, and the job can be finished quickly and efficiently.

Available Now in Canada

We are excited to partner with the Safety Rail Company in the U.S., who offer an excellent product called the ‘Mobile Safety Rail.’

This great product offers a mobile solution by providing easily removable and non-penetrating guardrails to your roof. Easy to set up and remove, plus more permanent solutions are available.

Take the guesswork out of ensuring your workers are safe and talk to us today about how you can get the Mobile Safety Rail system installed.

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