Construction work is by nature temporary, so it only makes sense that site employers utilize temporary guardrail systems at work sites. As anyone in the business knows, it is important to provide a comprehensive, secure fall protection system to ensure employees are able to work safely and effectively. Temporary guardrails provide this along with the ability to move from place to place depending on the job. Here are the top three temporary guardrail systems carried by W.S. Safety.

SafetyRail 2000

The Safety Rail 2000 is 100% portable. No holes have to be drilled into expensive rooftops for installation, allowing roof integrity to remain intact and preventing potential future leaking problems, potentially saving building owners thousands of dollars in repair costs. The SafetyRail 2000 is also OSHA approved and meets the Ontario Building and Federal Building construction codes to serve as a temporary rooftop safety rail system. The temporary version utilizes the Versa Clamp, which is considered the most versatile temporary guardrail C-Clamp available.

This product can be used on both parapets and concrete slabs. Other features include off-set plates that won't damage copings or flashings on parapets and a unique compression locking system for fast and simple installation. The Safety Rail 2000 has multiple applications such as roof top fall protection, temporary fall protection, roof edge protection, roof hatches, skylights, hazard barriers, warehouse dock doors, mezzanines, traffic lanes, cell workstations, construction dig sites, loading dock platforms, new building construction, drive-in truck pits, rail car platforms, break and assembly areas, conveyors and many more. The Safety Rail 2000's versatility and portability make this rooftop guardrail system a solid choice for roof safety.


BlueWater Manufacturing's Versa-Clamp has off-set compression plates that allow for it to connect to both a parapet and a concrete slab. Since the plates are off-set they will not damage the copings or the flashings on a parapet. Wood 2x4's serve as the railing on this temporary rooftop guardrail. Due to its mobility and flexibility of installment, it can be brought to multiple worksites. The Versa-Clamp extends from 2"-16" and allows for optional toe-board brackets for deck applications. The Versa-Clamp adaptors are also available so that the Versa-Clamp will work with the Kwik-Rail system in a permanent capacity.

This portable guardrail system is OSHA compliant and is manufactured in the U.S.A. It comes standard in yellow powder-coat, though upon request other colors are available.


The Para-Clamp is a re-engineered Versa-Clamp meant to work exclusively with parapets. This manufacturing adjustment results in this product being available at a lower price than the Versa-Clamp. But like the Versa-Clamp, the Para-Clamp has the same compression locking system that allows for quick and easy installation while distributing pressure so as to not damage the copings or flashings of parapets.

A key feature of the Para-Clamp is that adaptors are available so that it is compatible with the Safety Rail 2000 and is available to fit 19" or 25" parapets. It is installed in 8 foot increments and the adjustable guardrail post is in compliance with OSHA guardrail heights from the work surface. Adjustable guardrail post allows it to comply with OSHA guardrail heights from the work surface.

Whether its the Safety Rail 2000 with its versatility and tool-free installation, the Versa-Clamp with its ability to work with both parapets and slabs, or the Para-Clamp with its re-engineered, cost-effective design, there is surely a temporary guardrail system to fit your needs.