The Safety Rail 2000 is the most comprehensive rooftop guardrail system on the market today.  Nothing comes close to matching the options and features available, and nothing else comes close to meeting the broad safety requirements from all types of companies and workers toiling daily on rooftops.

The Safety Rail 2000 roof railing system is easy to install, OSHA regulation compliant, and non-penetrating. Best of all, it comes in all types of formats to meet any rooftop railing need, and can be produced in any color for custom orders.

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Portable Rooftop Railing

100% portability is perhaps the best feature of the Safety Rail 2000. This means that no holes have to be drilled into expensive rooftops, allowing roof integrity to remain intact and preventing potential future leaking problems.  Each rooftop base can support up to 4 rails, allowing for the rails to be positioned in infinite directions and 3 men can install up to 500 feet in under and hour.  As you might expect, everything can be taken down and moved very easily as well. For those hot summer months when wearing an extra safety apparatus is undesirable for your workers or they simply need to work unencumbered, optional toe board brackets are available.

Permanent and Temporary

The versatility of the Safety Rail 2000 is most aptly illustrated by the ability to suit both permanent and temporary rooftop guardrail needs. It meets the Ontario Building Code and Federal Building Code for serving as a permanent guardrail, as well as the construction code to serve as a temporary rooftop safety rail system.

The temporary version commonly utilizes the Versa Clamp, which is considered the most versatile temporary guardrail C-Clamp available. It can be used on both parapets and concrete slabs to provide maximum fall protection. Other features include: off-set plates that won’t damage copings or flashings on parapets and a unique compression locking system for fast and simple installation.

Gates, Handrails, and Warning Lines

A comprehensive rooftop safety rail system wouldn’t be complete without several important features, and the Safety Rail 2000 has it covered. The Kwik-Rail handrail is a high performing metal roof fall protection solution that is easy to install and assemble.  The self closing safety gate is durable and integrates seamlessly with standard railings. The warning line system, meanwhile, is durable and permanent, meaning that frayed or worn out warning lines won’t have to be replaced each season.

Other Safety Rail 2000 Versions

If you have specific needs to maintain a pleasing sight-line of a building, the SafetyRail 2000 also has a new Architectural Series available.  Like the standard version, it is non-penetrating and meets all OSHA standards — it is simply designed and intended for the client to whom appearance is top of mind.

This safety rail also comes in a version known as the Safety Rail 2000FG, a solution made with fiberglass materials that won’t interfere with telecommunications or radio frequency (RF) signals.  Like the standard version, this fiberglass system is still non-penetrating and easily installed as a permanent or temporary roof safety railing.


The Safety Rail 2000 is an integral part of rooftop safety, to the point where there is no comparable option in the industry. The multiple applications, versatility, portability, and proven track record make this rooftop guardrail system the best hassle-free choice for roof safety.  For more information about the Safety Rail 2000 system, including pricing and custom options, request a quote or contact us anytime.