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Let us help you make your workplace safer and minimize workplace injuries. Here you will find a wide variety of articles covering a range of topics to help you make informed decisions about roof top safety from procedures to meeting OSHA legal requirements to specific product lines and their pros and cons.

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Fall Safety Training - An Employers Responsibility

It has been reported that nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the nation on any given day. Due to much of the work being dangerous, the fatal injury rate for the construction industry is much higher than the …

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Temporary Rooftop Guardrails - Which One is Right for You

Temporary rooftop guardrails can be used for many different applications in construction and maintenance. A few of these uses include rooftop maintenance, new roof installation, solar panel installation on roofs, HVAC/RTU maintenance and building …

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The Mezzanine-Pivot Safety Gate

Protecting employees at heights is a must and now protecting employees in elevated mezzanine loading areas just got easier. The MZ-Pivot Safety Gate by FabEnCo, is now available at W.S. Safety Technologies. With its counterbalanced gates, the MZ-Pivot …

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The Importance of Fall Protection Safety

Fall Protection safety is not a passive protection measure but an active decision to ensure safety is in place before anyone even begins working at heights. …

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Fall Protection Industry November Month in Review

W.S. Safety, a leader in fall protection equipment, keeps a close eye on construction safety industry news throughout the month. Here are a few highlights that we found newsworthy this November. Early this month OSHA announced a partnership with …

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