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Let us help you make your workplace safer and minimize workplace injuries. Here you will find a wide variety of articles covering a range of topics to help you make informed decisions about roof top safety from procedures to meeting OSHA legal requirements to specific product lines and their pros and cons.

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Skylight Guardrail systems new pictures

Here are a few great pictures of Safety Rail 2000 we have installed to protect rooftop skylights. The versatility of the rooftop guardrail allows many different types, sizes and configurations to be protected. The Safety Rail 2000 systems meet and exceed …

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Skylight Fall Protection Guardrails: A Solution to a Real Hazard

Rooftop skylights are an often overlooked rooftop hazard due to the false sense of security they provide. The problem arises when personnel have to access the roof for maintenance or inspection purposes and may happen to travel unsafely near or around …

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Worker Falls Through Skylight Alert

Alert: Worker Falls Through Skylight Issued: November 2000 Content last reviewed: January 2012 PDF Version [136 Kb / 1 page | Download Adobe Reader] Disclaimer: This resource has been prepared to help the workplace parties understand some of …

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Fall Safety Training-What the Ministry of Labour Looks for on a Job Site

A great way to know how you need to update your fall safety training is by knowing what the Ministry of Labour will be looking for when they visit a job site. This helpful video will not only show you what the representative will look for, but will …

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