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Roof work can be dangerous at any time, but sometimes going the extra step and providing a Roof Warning Line System is required to let workers know the exact location of roof edge when they inadvertently get too close. All of our warning flags are non-penetrating and portable and are OSHA approved.

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Controlled Access Zone OSHA Requirements

A controlled access zone is a safety measure for workers at heights where guardrails or fall arrest equipment are not able to be used. OSHA requires employers to implement fall protection measures for employees working at heights of six feet or more... …

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Control Zones - An Underrated Option for Rooftop Safety

The 'control zone' concept offers a method of indicating a safe distance from the roof edge. At W.S. Safety, we see this concept as a missed asset. If you have a large roof, there may not even be any need to invest in an anchor system at all. …

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The Importance of Rooftop Warning Lines

While warning lines do not take the place of fall protection equipment they can help create a safer environment when used together on rooftops. According to OSHA, a warning line system consists of ropes, wires or chains and supporting stanchions which …

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