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There are many different types of industrial safety swing gates on the market, but we carry the best product lines available! Each option is different and has varying benefits depending on your unique requirements. Check out our selection of self closing safety gates and see for yourself.

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The New Safest Safety Gate

As a safety equipment supplier, we aim to stay on top of all the latest products and information for safety products, especially in fall protection equipment and safety awareness. We exist to help your workplace become as safe as possible.We are excited …

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Why Series: Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Requirements

Access ladders have hidden dangers that can lead to severe consequences if fixed ladder fall protection requirements are not met. …

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Q. What is the OSHA requirement?

A. OSHA Reference 29 CFR 1910.23 guarding of floor openings and holes. "(a)(2) Every ladderway floor opening or platform shall be guarded by a standard railing with standard toe-board on all exposed sides (except at entrance to opening), with passage …

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May 2015 Month In Review

WS Safety month in review - May 2015 As the weather finally started turning nicer this past month construction activity was up and also unfortunately fall accidents and fatalities. It seemed like a particularly bad month for accidents. We are hoping …

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The Mezzanine-Pivot Safety Gate

Protecting employees at heights is a must and now protecting employees in elevated mezzanine loading areas just got easier. The MZ-Pivot Safety Gate by FabEnCo, is now available at W.S. Safety Technologies. With its counterbalanced gates, the MZ-Pivot …

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The Importance of Fall Protection Safety

Fall Protection safety is not a passive protection measure but an active decision to ensure safety is in place before anyone even begins working at heights. …

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Solutions for Your Fixed Platform and Gangway Needs

Fixed platforms and gangways are a great solution when you need to assist in railcar access or transport truck access quickly and safely. Our on-site assessment will allow us to assist you in making the correct choice for your particular application. As …

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Self-Closing Safety Gates: Know Your Options

W.S. Safety carries the top three options for self-closing safety gates. We work closely with our customers to provide the best option for their swing gate needs. FabEnCo Self-Closing Safety Gates FabEnCo self-closing safety gates will dramatically …

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Your FabEnCo Experts For The Canadian Market

We at W.S. Safety Technologies were very excited when FabEnCo released their new pallet safety mezzanine gate. Up until they developed this product companies were simply putting together two standard safety gates in a saloon door style configuration. The …

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