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The angles and designs of roofs can create a hazard for trips or falls, especially when the roof is of two different heights. If this is an industrial rooftop needing periodic visits by service workers, why not add one of our custom fabricated crossovers? If the heights vary greatly, we offer the ErectaStep rooftop stairs. We will assess the site and offer the right customized solutions for you.

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Crossover Ramps and Stairs : Giving Workers Safe Access Over Rooftop Obstacles

Rooftop crossover systems are modular and can include stairs, ladders and ramps. Crossover ramps are an alternative to stairs that allow workers to move around wheeled equipment easily and safely. …

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Understanding Rooftop Safety Requirements in Canada Part 2 - Provincial Requirements

Rooftop safety requirements in Canada are divided by region. Following these requirements can help your company protect an unsafe roof. In our article we published online in June Understanding Rooftop Safety Requirements in Canada - Part 1, we briefly …

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Q. What is the OSHA requirement?

A. OSHA Reference 29 CFR 1910.23 guarding of floor openings and holes. "(a)(2) Every ladderway floor opening or platform shall be guarded by a standard railing with standard toe-board on all exposed sides (except at entrance to opening), with passage …

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Fall Arrest Netting Saves Lives - Rules For Proper Use

Last month in the Hinckley Times a 45 year old construction worker was reported to have fallen off of a roof after being hit by a pallet that was in motion. Luckily the site had fall arrest equipment in place which arrested the man's fall and he …

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Genie SX-180 Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Platform now Carried by W.S. Safety

At W.S. Safety we're excited and proud to now be working with the Genie SX-180 aerial work platform, the largest of its kind in the market. It is well-suited for many applications but we at W.S. Safety we rent it and use it for installing our …

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The Guard Dog Safety Gate by Bluewater Mfg Inc.

Watch this informative video about Bluewater Mfg.'s guard dog safety gate. It will walk you through its easy installation as well as describe its flexibility in the workplace. The guard dog safety gate comes in 3 standard colors with custom color …

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Self Closing Industrial Safety Gates by FabEnCo Distributed by W.S. Safety Technologies

Self closing industrial safety gates play an important part in rooftop, construction and workplace safety. Watch this informative video about theFabEnCo self closing industrial safety gate. …

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OSHA Safety Gates: A Comparison of Two Self-Closing Options

This article highlights the features of our most trusted safety swing gates. Read on to learn more about FabEnCo's industrial safety gates and BlueWater self-closing safety gate to see which of these OSHA safety gates is right for your …

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