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Roofs can be slippery at times due to our inclement weather, sometimes wet, snowy or icy. As accessing out of a roof hatch can be dangerous, many companies choose to add guardrails above the hatch for easy grip and good balance. Protect your workers when they access and egress out of the roof hatch with our quality, safety compliant Roof Hatch Protection products.

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Roof Inspection Checklist

Rooftop hazards can range from being relatively mild to being critical with severe consequences. Identifying hazards, cataloguing them and addressing them with professional solutions can be accomplished with an in-depth roof inspection and evaluation by …

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Building Regulations for Roof Access Hatch

There are a number of safety regulations and building code requirements in Ontario relating to the use of roof access hatches. Hatches must meet the standards required by the National Building Code (Canada) and the Occupational Health and Safety …

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Why Series: Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Requirements

Access ladders have hidden dangers that can lead to severe consequences if fixed ladder fall protection requirements are not met. …

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Roof Hatch Guardrail Protection Options

Roof hatches provide easy access to roof areas for maintenance as well as facilitate the installation or removal of large pieces of equipment. Although they offer great convenience, if not equipped with the proper fall safety equipment, they can pose a …

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Not Providing Proper Safety Equipment Comes with a Cost

A roofing company in Bradley, IL has been fined by OSHA for two willful safety violations by exposing workers to fall hazards. It has been reported that workers were expected to work on a low-sloped roof, 13 feet above the ground without the recommended …

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Roof Hatch Safety with Guardrails

Roof hatches are present on most non-residential buildings and allow workers easy access to the roof for the maintenance of rooftop equipment and for roof renovations and maintenance. Roof hatches are very convenient but can pose a serious safety risk to …

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Fall Protection Regulation General Requirements

Understanding fall protection regulations is an important part of a safety plan for industrial work environments - do you know what's required in yours? …

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Hatch Protection Equipment: An Integral Part of Rooftop Safety

W.S. Safety is the Canadian Supplier of many rooftop safety products from industrial netting and guardrails to safety gates and warning lines. We want to take this time to tell you about another rooftop safety solution -- roof hatch protection …

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