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Access Platforms

Access Platforms

We have designed and fabricated many different mobile access platform and gangway models for customers so they can access equipment for maintenance or repair. We have developed a height adjustable platform that is a great solution to access many different heights of equipment.

When developing a custom access platform, we work closely with our customers to review their needs and requirements for all sorts of specific details including dimensions, locking casters, unique levelling jacks, custom height rails, and other items, to ensure that the platform meets and exceeds any applicable safety standards as well. Platforms are often made as an aluminum work platform, making for a lightweight, maneuverable solution. Our platforms are proudly made in Canada.

More Information:

Typical features of access platforms:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Anti-slip walkway surface
  • Custom-made to suit customer's unique applications
  • Often unconventional sizes or shapes to fit around unique jigs
  • Fixed or adjustable height platform
  • Compliant OSHA platforms

Mobile features of access platforms:

  • Adjustable mobile work platform height from 6' to 11'
  • Heavy duty construction is built to last
  • Approx. 850 lbs weight
  • Hand operated crank to adjust height
  • Anti-slip treads and work surface of mobile gangway and mobile access platform
  • Options include aluminum cage, outdoor wheels, removable hitch, drill adapter for hand winch
  • Foam filled tires to avoid flat tires
  • Versatile for many different applications
  • Load tested to support 2 workers (some platforms)
  • Meets the applicable regulatory standards
  • Safe for refinery use, non-sparking operation
  • Made in Canada

Mobile applications of access platforms:

  • Mobile work platform and gangways for racking access
  • Truck access with optional safety gate
  • Working on elevated pressure vessels
  • Working on presses
  • Aircraft access
  • Bus access
  • Construction vehicles
  • Piperacks
  • Maintenance items

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