Teach Workers to Use Fall Protection Systems With Training Trailers

07 / 20 / 2014 | Product Updates | Ryan Michels

We designed our fall protection training trailers as a method to conduct on-site training sessions with a real fall protection demonstration as part of the training. This has proven incredibly valuable to teach our customers and their teams about fall protection systems in a demonstration environment.

Fall Protection Training Trailer

See our product detail page about fall protection training trailers for more specifications. We have built customized training trailers for several different customers, each designed to meet the customer’s unique fall protection training requirements. Our customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality and attention to detail of the training trailers and the engagement they generate for the fall arrest training sessions.

If you would like more information please contact us and we would be pleased to discuss pricing and options for our fall arrest demonstration trailers.

About the author

Ryan Michels Ryan has been involved in the design and installation of custom fall protection systems with W.S. Safety Technologies since 2005. Ryan is a specialist in the different types of products, applications, and regulatory codes governing proper design and use of fall protection systems.

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