Warning Lines

Roof Warning Line Systems

W.S. Safety carries different warning line systems to best suit our customer’s needs. Our OSHA approved warning line systems include the KwikStand temporary warning flag system as well as PermaLine’s roof warning-line flags system.

The KwikStands are often used for temporary construction flags. The self-contained design allows for quick set-up and removal with no chance of lost parts. Additionally, with the Securing Pin attached to the stanchion with a lanyard, you will no longer be looking for lost pins. The KwikStand’s unique spindle mount system gives it rigidity when in use, while the handle makes it easy for transporting and hoisting. Each Kwik-Stand weighs 34 lbs, this means that they are light enough to transport to site but remain sturdy. A much safer and better solution than typical wooden 2x4s and polypropylene rope often seen on rooftops, often in states of disrepair.

The PermaLine roof warning line flag system is a permanent warning flags system that shares the same 108 lb bases as the SafetyRail 2000 guardrails. The PermaLine was designed for permanent placement of a roof warning line system for roof edge fall protection. Once in place, the PermaLine remains intact until you want to move it.

  • Rooftop Warning Flags
    Warning Flags
  • Roof Warning Line End Connection
    End Connection
  • Roof Warning Line Intermediate Connection
    Intermediate Connection
  • Roof Line Flags and Rails
    Flags and Rails
  • Roof Warning Perma-Line
  • Roof Safety Rail and Flags
    Safety Rail and Flags
  • Roof Warning Cable Joining
    Cable Joining

Permanent Roof Warning Line System: The PermaLine

The PermaLine was designed for permanent placement of a roof warning line system for roof edge fall protection. With this innovative OSHA warning line system you will no longer have to make monthly trips to your rooftop to replace torn or worn out plastic flagging. In addition, you will no longer have to inventory the flagging for future replacements on your roof warning line system. Once in place, the Perma-Line remains intact until you want to move it. Best of all, it’s a non-penetrating system.

The Perma-Line (Patent Pending) is the only permanent roof warning line system in the market place. It is not a motion stopping devise. It is a highly visible warning barrier. This surpasses OSHA regulations for roof warning line systems. Please call us for more details.

Temporary Warning Line System: The KwikStand

The Kwik-Stand acts as a portable and visual temporary warning line system that can easily be transported by hand. These temporary warning lines allow for quick set up and removal. The Kwik-Stand warning line system has a powder-coat finish and a convenient carrying handle. They also collapse into an easy to carry and store post when not in use.

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