Mezzanine Safety Gates

Mezzanine Pivot Gate

The Mezzanine Pivot Gate protects employees in elevated mezzanine loading areas. Its counterbalanced gates ensure that one gate is always between your employees and the edge of the platform. The gate meets or exceeds OSHA, IBC and ANSI standards. We can also design and have gates engineered to meet Canadian requirements.

Determining the proper gate size for your application only requires the measurement of the inside clear opening. The standard size listed below are stock items. W.S. Safety can also fabricate custom gates for wider openings or unusual handrail configurations. Please contact us with your special requirements. Some special designs include extra height gates, sliding mezzanine gates, motorized options for gates, and remote controlled options.

The mezzanine pivot safety gate is easy to install and assembles with simple tools. The gate system breaks down easily for shipping efficiency and is available in single or double pallet widths. It’s available in either galvanized carbon steel or safety yellow powder coat carbon steel.

Mezzanine Safety GatesPivot Mezzanine Safety Gate

  • TriSide_400
    Tri-Side Gate
  • High-Pallet-Pivot_400
    High Pallet Pivot Gate
  • Roly_400
    Roly Safety Gate

Roly Mezzanine Safety Gate

Dual, counterbalanced industrial gate system with heavy-duty chain & sprocket drive system, secures handrail and doorway openings on elevated platforms. Available in standard sizes as well as custom widths, depths, and heights. Manually operated with optional power operation push-button station and radio-frequency remote. Self-supported structure consisting of fixed posts and fixed side rails. Available with four-inch toe boards.

Rack Supported Roly Safety Gate

Rack supported version of Roly safety gate model industrial safety gate, attaches to existing rack components in hgh-bay picking module and rack-supported mezzanines. Economical solution that utilizes existing components to maximize space. Fits all brands of pallet rack. Available in custom sizes with manual or power operation.

Tri-Side Safety Gate

Designed for pallet drop areas located in walkways, near reactors/hoppers or where pallets need to be accessed for three sides. Dual-gate system uses single gate at ledge and three-piece gate on rear-side of unit. When the ledge-side gate is closed, the three-side rear safety gate is raised allowing access to the pallets form three sides. This unit takes up only fourteen inches (14″) of depth when the ledge is closed. Available in manual or power operation. Also available in stainless steel.

High Pallet Pivot Mezzanine Safety Gate

Pivoting framework with dual-gate utilizes fourteen pivot points to accommodate pallet loads up to 80″ tall. Available powder-coated or electro-polished stainless steel, ideal for hostile environment with tall pallet loads. Standard and custom widths available.

Type Model Width Depth Height
Mezzanine Safety Gate Roly Single Wide 64″ 64″ 96″
Mezzanine Safety Gate Roly Double Wide 104″ 66″ 96″
Mezzanine Safety Gate Rack Supported 66″ 62″ 96″
Mezzanine Safety Gate Pivot Single Wide 67″ 72″ 82″
Mezzanine Safety Gate Pivot Double Wide 107″ 72″ 82″
Mezzanine Safety Gate High Pallet Pivot 67″ 64″ 90″
Mezzanine Safety Gate Tri-Side UBC 64″ 64″ 125″
Mezzanine Safety Gate Tri-Side OSHA 64″ 64″ 98″

Horizontal Mezzanine Gate

We can provide mezzanine safety gates for almost any application. Our horizontal mezzanine gate is a sliding, motorized mezzanine safety gate that can be opened or closed from a safe location as required. Available both as a manual or automatic operation. The gate can be open or closed with the push of a button or the pull of a cord. Once materials are placed on the mezzanine, the gate closes either by timer or other activation device to quickly protect the mezzanine edge. Available in standard sizes of 6′, 8′, and 10′, as well as custom options.


  • 42” high gate with toeboard and mid-rail.
  • Manual or electric operation.
  • Available in 7 standard sizes to fit many different applications.
  • Uses include material handling, mezzanine safety, pallet racks, and loading dock areas.
  • Motorized horizontal safety gate
  • Safety gate closed position
  • Safety gate opening

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