LSG Ladder Safety Gate

LSG Ladder Safety Gate

The LSG Ladder Safety Gate is a self-closing swing-gate that is OSHA and ANSI compliant and adjusts to fit your opening size. It is a great way to protect ladder ways, mezzanines, elevated platforms, or anywhere there is an opening in your guardrails. Many of our customers are replacing their old chains that were used to ‘protect’ openings, with these gates, that meet the loading requirements if a person were to fall against them.

Available finishes include:

  • Powdercoated Yellow (PCY)
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized (GAL)
  • Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Stainless Steel Seal-Welded (SS-SW)
  • Aluminum (ALU)

Assembly is very quick and easy, only tool required is a ½” wrench. Gates come fully assembled including standard mounting hardware for up to 2” OD pipe and square tubing 1.5”x1.5” OD. Gate can be bolted directly to angle iron, flat bar, or non-standard railing (fasteners not included).

Technical Specifications

Material (PC and Galv gates)

  • Gate: 1.25”, 11 gauge square tubing. Minimum dimension from top of gate arm to bottom of gate arm to be 22.25”.
  • Hinge Plate: 10 gauge, full height of gate. Hinge plate allows for gate adjustment from nominal size of -1.25” to +2.25”.
  • Gate Operation: 180 degrees of travel. Swing direction is reversible by inverting or rotating gate.
  • Packaging: Includes gate, standard mounting hardware, and installation / O&M Manual.


Gate Sizing Chart Fits Opening Dimension
Model # Min Max
WS-LSG-15 13-3/4″ 17-1/2″
WS-LSG-18 16-3/4″ 20-1/2″
WS-LSG-21 19-3/4″ 23-1/2″
WS-LSG-24 22-3/4″ 26-1/2″
WS-LSG-27 25-3/4″ 29-1/2″
WS-LSG-30 28-3/4″ 32-1/2″
WS-LSG-33 31-3/4″ 35-1/2″
WS-LSG-36 34-3/4″ 38-1/2″
WS-LSG-40 38-3/4″ 42-1/2″
WS-LSG-44 42-3/4″ 46-1/2″
WS-LSG-48 46-3/4″ 50-1/2″

Download LSG Sizing Chart

  • Stairway safety gate
  • Ladder Safety Gate
  • Platform fall protection
  • Galvanized finish
  • Special brackets for flat bar connection
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (2)
    LSG standard sizing
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (3)
    Step 1 – loosely attach to railing
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (4)
    Step 2 – align gate with top of railing
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (5)
    Step 3 – adjust gate width
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (6)
    Gate size adjustment
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (7)
    Sturdy hinge
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (8)
    Bracket for large pipe
  • LSG Safety Gate Installation (9)
    Bracket for Angle iron

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