Fall Protection Training Trailer

Fall Protection Training Trailer

W.S. Safety designs and builds fall protection training trailers for many different safety companies. The trailers are designed to demonstrate the different fall protection products available and included a tower system that can be lifted into position with an electric winch. Drop testing demonstrations are conducted from this tower system.

The design of our fall protection training trailers began when one of our customers approached us looking for a method to conduct on-site training sessions with a real fall protection demonstration as part of the training. The customer also had a number of requirements and ideas for showcasing their products. We proposed a fall protection demonstration trailer, custom-made and fabricated to suit their unique requirements for their fall protection systems.

The trailers feature a large mast that is raised using an electric winch and lifted into position approx. 12′ from the ground. The mast is used for a real drop-test utilizing a 225 lb weight that is lifted to the top of the mast, a load-cell is connected to the weight, and then the weight is connected and dropped from a 3′-4′ lanyard without a shock absorber. The force the weight generates is quite surprising, often in the 3,000-4,000 lb range. Next a shock absorbing lanyard is connected and the weight is dropped again, but this time the CSA approved shock absorbing lanyard reduces the loading value to around 700 lbs, and not to exceed 900 lbs. It is a great visual demonstration to show the importance of using the proper/correct fall protection equipment.

  • DBI Sala Training Trailer
    DBI Sala Training Trailer
  • Training Trailer Interior
    Training Trailer Interior
  • MSA Fall Arrest Trailer
    MSA Fall Arrest Trailer
  • Traing Trailer On Location
    Traing Trailer On Location
  • Custom Fall Arrest Trailers
    Custom Fall Arrest Trailers

We have built many trailers for several different customers, each design differs slightly to meet the customer’s unique fall protection requirements. All of our customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality and attention to detail of the trailers and the excitement they generate for the fall protection training sessions.

Whether a worker requires rooftop fall protection, truck fall arrest, rooftop guardrails, or other types of system, the trailer serves as a great demonstration aid.

The trailers also have a number of other unique features which make them very specialized and an effective training tool, including:

  • Electric winch with battery back-up and AC plug to recharge battery.
  • Custom display racks to set up different types of equipment for clients to review.
  • Heavy-duty, built to last design, the trailers are solid and will last for many years.
  • They look really great!  We can paint the customer’s colours or install custom graphics so they are like a rolling bill-board.
  • The drop-test demonstration really gets the attention of crews and makes training much more interactive than a class-room style training session.

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