Erecta-Step Platforms

Erecta-Step Platforms

We are pleased to distribute a large variety of access platforms from Sixaxis, including ErectaStep, RollAStep, and PerfectAStep.

ErectaStep platforms are a modular platform solution consisting of 5 common components including:

  1. Handrails
  2. Universal Platform (36”x36”)
  3. Ladder Units
  4. Safety Stairs
  5. Tower Supports

Using those 5 different pieces and fastening together with included hardware, you can create anything from a small step crossover, to elaborate platforms, with multiple heights and access points. Also great for temporary construction projects, the components can be disassembled and used in new locations with ease. The custom configurator software allows for us to create a sample configuration while with a customer working on our iPads. It’s a cutting edge technology that quickly and easily conveys our proposal and what the platform would actually look like in a 3-dimensional model.


  • Limitless designs and configurations
  • Manufactured using precision laser technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Built for strength to meet local codes and requirements, including ANSI and OSHA
  • Crossovers, rooftops, access stairs, valve access, piperack applications, manufacturing environments, just to name a few practical applications
  • Modular parts are kept in stock and can be shipped out quickly once order is place
  • RollAStep C Series access stairs
  • RollAStep C Series truck access
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • 360 degree swivel wheels
  • Slip resistant treads

  • Rooftop crossover stairs
  • Roof vent crossover

  • Custom work platform
  • Process tank platforms
  • Elevated catwalk
  • G Series variable height platform
  • Large working area
  • Adjustable height with strut assist
  • G Series Access Platforms (4)
    Aircraft platforms
  • G Series Access Platforms (5)
    G series adjustable platform
  • Modular Crossover
    Pipe bridge crossover
  • MP Series Access Platforms (1)
    Tail wing maintenance
  • MP Series Access Platforms (2)
    Customizable platform
  • MP Series Access Platforms (3)
    Anti-slip tread material
  • Platform for valve access
    Petrochemical facility maintenance
  • Rooftop crossover 4 steps
    Ducting crossover bridge
  • Rooftop crossover for solar panels
    Conduit bridge
  • TR Series Access Platforms (1)
    Aircraft maintenance safety
  • TR Series Access Platforms (2)
    TR Series fixed height platform
  • TR Series Access Platforms (3)
    Six square foot platform
  • TR Series Access Platforms (4)
    Unique side rolling casters

RollAStep platforms are mobile ladders and platforms that can be easily moved into position when required, and rolled out of the way when not in use. The main options/designs consist of:

  • C Series
    • A cantilevered fixed height platform system
    • Ideal for accessing the tops of trucks
    • Steel base for counter-balancing. Aluminum construction ladder/staircase system and top platform and rails
    • Available in sizes from 7 steps to 11 steps
    • Wheels swivel 360 degrees for easy placement
    • Forklift pockets for rapid mobility and transportation
  • G Series
    • Adjustable height work platforms with self levelling top platform
    • Aluminum upper, galvanized base, and stainless steel hardware means these platforms are built to last, both indoors and out
    • Gas assist strut for adjusting the height of platform. Positive pin lock to secure and desired height
    • Available is sizes from 7 steps to 10 steps
    • Six square foot work area at top of platform
    • Wide steel base for excellent stability
    • Swivel casters allow for precise placement
  • MP Series
    • The workspace of a fixed platform with the benefit of mobility
    • Powder-coated handrails, full size 45 degree stair stringers, standard width and depth steps to meet OSHA requirements for mobile platforms
    • Lightweight aluminum construction and easily maneuvered by a single user
    • Locking casters to prevent both swivel and roll. Soft no-flat tires roll easily over asphalt and gravel
    • Available in sizes from 2 steps to 7 steps
    • Optional removeable handrails for versatility
    • Suitable for flatbed fall protection, aircraft safety, and many different specialized manufacturing requirements
  • TR Series
    • The tilt and roll series is a far better lightweight alternative to step ladder type systems
    • Available in sizes from 1 step to 5 steps
    • Unique side-rolling casters make the TR series platforms highly maneuverable
    • Wide base and stairs
    • Aggressive tread for safe grip
    • Full toeboard around top
    • Sturdy construction to support a 300 lb load limit without sacrificing mobility


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