Fall Protection Safety Equipment

You can count on W.S. Safety Technologies to be your home for all of your fall protection equipment needs. A leader in the construction safety and fall protection business, we can help guide you towards all of your turn-key roof fall protection system requirements and assist you with any of your custom fall protection needs.

SafetyRail 2000 Rooftop Guardrails: The SafetyRail 2000 guardrail system protects your workers without having to penetrate the rooftop. Learn why the Bluewater Safety Rail 2000 guardrail system is trusted by so many for both temporary and permanent guardrail solutions. We also carry Safety Rail 2000 StealthRail, Fibreglass Series and Architectural Series.

Temporary Rooftop Guardrails: W.S. Safety offers the Safety Rail 2000, ParaClamp, and VersaClamp temporary guardrail systems. We also now carry the Raptor Rail product line. These temporary rooftop guardrails have multiple applications, including but not limited to rooftop maintenance and installation.

KwikRail and Fittings: The KwikRail metal safety handrail system is an easy to assemble safety handrail. It comes ready to install in a kit form and can be combined with custom gate options. Available in galvanized, yellow, or aluminum options.

Warning Lines: We carry both permanent and temporary roof warning line system products. The KwikStand (temporary) and PermaLine (permanent) are both OSHA approved warning line systems.

Safety Gates: We’re proud to carry the three best industrial safety gates available. The FabEnCo Self-Closing Gate, FabEnCo Mezzanine Pivot Gate, the PS Doors LSG, the YellowGate, the Bluewater Guard Dog and the Gravity Swing Gate are the most dependable self-closing safety swing gates around.

Industrial Netting: Fall protection and fall arrest netting is a must-have in most warehouse and industrial settings. We at W.S. Safety can supply and/or install custom fall protection nets for you for both products or fall arrest applications.

Roof Hatch Protection: Don’t overlook hatch protection on your rooftop work environment. We provide dependable options for both your roof hatch guardrail and hatch guard needs. Our systems both protect the roof hatch as well as provide a hand-grip for easier access and egress through the hatch. For areas where only an additional hand grip is required, we recommend the HatchGrip hand grab bars.

Training Trailer: Our fall training trailers were designed to demonstrate the different fall protection products available. It is a great visual demonstration to show the importance of using the proper/correct fall protection equipment. We customize each trailer to suit each customer’s unique requirements.

Access Platforms: Turn-key provider of truck and railcar access platforms for safe access to work on large transportation equipment. Consisting of both fixed systems and tracking gangways for larger trailers.

Access Ladders and Staircases: Access ladders built to the OBC requirements allow for safer roof access. We also offer lightweight staircase systems for rooftop areas which see a higher frequency of use. For areas with little to grab onto at the top of a ladder we offer the GrabSafe hand grip system.


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