Genie SX-180 Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Platform now Carried by W.S. Safety

02 / 28 / 2014 | Product Updates | Ryan Michels


At W.S. Safety we’re excited and proud to now be working with the Genie SX-180 aerial work platform, the largest of its kind in the market.  It is well-suited for many applications but we at W.S. Safety we rent it and use it for installing our fall arrest systems and guardrails at construction sites.

The unit has a 180-foot vertical reach and 80-foot horizontal reach. The 8-foot by 3-foot working platform has an unrestricted capacity of 750 pounds. The 180-degree rotating jib allows its user to position both workers and materials exactly where they are needed.

The Genie SX-180 can be driven at full height. Travel speeds vary based on boom position, and range from 2.5 mph with the boom in the stowed position, 0.4 mph below 125 feet, and 0.1 mph above 125 feet.

The X-chassis extends and retracts.  Genie says this is to provide both stability on the job and a narrow profile for transport.  With a stowed length of 42 feet 7 inches, the 54,000-pound machine requires no over width or over height permits, allowing it to be transported on a truck. All of these features make it one of the most flexible work platforms out there and we are proud to use the Genie SX-180 telescopic boom aerial work platform to install our fall arrest systems as well as our guardrails. WS Safety is proud to work with the Genie aerial work platform!

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Ryan Michels Ryan has been involved in the design and installation of custom fall protection systems with W.S. Safety Technologies since 2005. Ryan is a specialist in the different types of products, applications, and regulatory codes governing proper design and use of fall protection systems.

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