Rooftop Fall Protection Systems

There are many hazards on rooftops that require rooftop edge fall protection when maintenance or repairs have to be performed. HVAC/RTU units, vents, flags, security cameras, roof repair, and skylight repair are just a few reasons why owners or contractors need to have roof safety systems in place.

We offer several different rooftop fall protection systems to clients including the SafetyRail 2000 non-penetrating guardrail, PermaLine warning flags, Hatch Guard roof hatch protection, crossover walkways and platforms, Latchways Mansafe Constant Force Post anchors, AES Raptor anchor carts, as well as custom engineered rooftop edge fall protection solutions.

We often recommend a combination of several of the different roof safety systems to fully protect the customer while on the rooftop.


SafetyRail Systems For Rooftops

We are Canadian distributors for BlueWater Mfg OSHA safety rail products. We have years of experience installing rooftop safety rail systems using BlueWater products to adapt to any rooftop environment.

BlueWater Mfg has several product line offerings, including the SafetyRail 2000, SafetyRail 2000 Architectural series, SafetyRail 2000FG Fiberglass series and SafetyRail 2000 StealthRail. W.S. Safety has extensive experience with each of these BlueWater products for rooftop fall protection.

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    Roof Walkway
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    Ladder Access
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    Roof Protection
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Cable Fall Protection for Rooftops

  • Latchways Rooftop Cable
    Latchways Rooftop Cable
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    Latchways In Action
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    Latchways Cable Setup
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    Latchways Constant Force Post 1
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    Latchways Constant Force Post 2

W.S. Safety has installed hundreds of Latchways Constant Force Post systems on rooftops. A Latchways stainless steel fall protection cable can then be connected to the tops of the Constant Force Posts allowing the user to travel along the cable fall arrest system without connecting and disconnecting. If a small area is to be protected then a single post can be installed where a user needs roof edge access. Every fall protection cable system is engineered to the local standards and includes a stamped engineered cable fall arrest system drawing.

Roof Hatch Protection

For Roof hatch applications please take a look at our roof hatch guardrail systems at: We offer both guardrail systems to protect roof hatches, using non-penetrating Safety Rail 2000, or a bolt-on Hatch Guard system that utilizes built-in hand grips to help travel through a roof hatch. Contact us to discuss which option would best suit your requirements.

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